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Jun 05 2024

Cultural Variety and Integration at FH

FH International High School warmly welcomes international students, recognizing the immense value they add to our community. Each student brings a unique cultural...
May 22 2024

International Student Program reforms

New Guidelines for International Study Permits in Canada: What You Need to Know The Government of Canada has recently announced changes to the International Student...
May 13 2024

Toronto in Spring

Spring in Toronto brings a welcome change from the winter chill, offering visitors a chance to explore the city's attractions. A must-see during this season is the...
May 06 2024

Ontario strengthens regulations on cell phone use and prohibits vaping in schools.

The Ontario government is implementing new measures to address the increasing issues of cell- phone use and vaping in schools across the province. Education Minister...
Apr 29 2024

What does Pathway Program offer?

In Canada, the Pathway Program offers a promising route for international students to pursue higher education seamlessly. Essentially, the Pathway Program serves as a...
Apr 22 2024

New visa policy for Canadian study permits

The Canadian government has recently implemented a cap on international study permit applications for a period of two years, aiming to stabilize the influx of...
Mar 25 2024

Winter Camp

Winter Camp 2024 at FH High School was an experience filled with learning opportunities. From February 4th to 17th, our students engaged in enriching activities...
Mar 11 2024

Quadmester System

The third Quadmester just started at FH International High School. What is Quadmester System? In Canada, the quadmestered education system has gained popularity for its...
Jan 15 2024

Christmas Party

At FH International High School, we had an amazing Christmas party on December 23, 2023. Students and teachers came together for a fun celebration. To make everyone...
Nov 30 2023

Open House at FH

FH International High School recently threw open its doors at a lively Open House event. It was a day filled with excitement and discovery as prospective students,...
Nov 06 2023

Court Clash Showdown

FH International High School's Thrilling Basketball Tournament Over the past weekend, FH International High School transformed into a hub of sportsmanship with the...
Oct 11 2023

FH ESL Winter Camp – 2024

Experience the magic of a Canadian winter with FH International High School's Winter Camp. Canada's winter wonderland sets the stage for an unforgettable ESL program...
Oct 04 2023

Field Trip to Black Creek Pioneer Village

In a recent adventure that melded history with hands-on learning, we transported our students to the captivating world of Black Creek Pioneer Village. This immersive...
Sep 12 2023

2023- 2024 Orientation

At FH International High School, our recent orientation was an exciting and welcoming event that set the tone for a fantastic school year ahead. The day began with warm...
Aug 21 2023

Field Trips at Summer Camp

The ESL summer camp is a celebration of language learning that transcends traditional boundaries.FH summer programs aim to develop language skills, cultural awareness,...
Aug 16 2023

ESL at Summer Camp

At FH International High School's Summer Camp, language learning meets cultural exploration in an immersive and engaging environment. ESL activities are thoughtfully...
Jul 24 2023

FH summer Camp

Here at FH International High School, our dedicated team is ready to provide an amazing summer experience with an ESL twist. At the ESL Summer Camp 2023, we offer a...
Jun 16 2023

Field Trip to Toronto Zoo

This week we embarked on an exciting field trip to the renowned Toronto Zoo, which brought numerous benefits to our students. This Canadian educational adventure not...
May 31 2023

Study ESL in Canada

Learning English as a Second Language (ESL) has become increasingly important in the globalized world. Canada is a multicultural society with a high-quality education...
May 23 2023

Field Trip to ROM

Last week, at FH International High School we created another unforgettable memories for our students. This time we went on an aventure to Royal Ontario Museum, also...
May 15 2023

Success Stories

My name is Yuke I am excited to share my recent achievement with you. With supports of FH team, I could get admissions from 4 Universities. The University of Toronto,...
May 01 2023

Field Trip to High Park

FH on a field trip to High Park High park is located in the heart of Toronto, renowned for its stunning greenery, nature trails, picturesque lakefront views, and more...
Apr 24 2023

A new course for Ontario students

Ontario high school students will soon have to take a technology or trade credit in order to graduate. The Education Minister, Stephen Lecce has announced that as of...
Apr 17 2023

English as a Second Language (ESL) 

We teach, We coach    At FH International High School, an enrich language learning curriculum is designed in ESL classes to provide students with an immersive...
Apr 03 2023

Reasons to join FH Summer Camp

At FH International High School We welcome students (14 - 21 years old) to our Summer Camp and Study Tour Programs. Students with different English skill levels are...
Oct 10 2022

Happy Thanksgiving

When you think of Thanksgiving, what comes to mind?    Canadian Thanksgiving, held on the 2nd Monday in October, is a harvest celebration centred on being...
Jul 25 2022

FH Values Diversity

Our students are from around the world with all backgrounds and beliefs. Here at FH students always have chances to learn how to keep an open mind, appreciate new...
Jul 15 2022

FH Virtual Graduation Ceremony

June 30th was a special day at FH International High School. As we hosted a virtual graduation ceremony for our Grade 12 students.  This year, maybe the graduates...
Nov 06 2021

Winter in Canada | How to prepare for the cold?

Winter in Canada | How to prepare for the cold?   The end of the year is approaching, and in Canada, the temperatures are getting lower. Blizzards, freezing...
Sep 02 2021

What Are The Advantages Of Online Learning?

What Are The Advantages Of Online Learning? 1. Efficiency Online learning offers teachers an efficient way to deliver lessons to students. Online learning has a number...
Jul 15 2021

FH Movie Club is Starting this Summer

Have you ever dreamed about creating your own movie, giving life to your wildest ideas? If that's a yes, then FH has the perfect club for you. This Summer, FH...
Jun 17 2021

Top 5 Summer Activities in Toronto for Students

Summer has arrived and there's so much to do around the city! Whether you like the heat or not, we all agree: Toronto is much more alive in the summer. Streets bustling...
May 28 2021

Want to Apply for a University? Then Read This.

University Applicants need to follow a specific pathway in high school. Plan ahead!   Getting into a University is the goal for many students around the world....
May 04 2021

Canada Accelerates Study Permit Processing

The Canadian Immigration Service accelerates the processing of study visas for international students and guarantees that students will get a response in time to enroll...
Apr 16 2021

IPSF Mental Health Symposium

Review of the IPSF Private School Alliance Mental Health Symposium.   On March 30, FH International High School participated in a mental health webinar during the...
Apr 07 2021

Does Online Learning Really Work?

Online-based education. This has been the scenario all across the globe since the Covid-19 Pandemic hit, in early 2020. But does online learning really work? Research...
Mar 19 2021

FH Student Clubs

FH Student Clubs are a great way to learn something new and have fun in the process.  At FH International, we are big fans of student clubs. We believe they are an...
Feb 26 2021

Testimonial: Othmane Yousfi

Othmane is a recent FH graduate, who's now studying Business Administration at Centennial College. He hails from Morocco and found a home with us, here in Canada. Here...
Jan 29 2021

FH International & Centennial College

FH International High School  Students will be able to apply for any post-secondary program at Centennial College without IELTS and TOEFL requirements. The new...
Jan 19 2021

FH & IGK Partnership

FH & IGK partnership will allow students of English as a Second Language courses (ESL) to start preparing for High School and University/College in Canada while...
Jan 19 2021

FH 2021 Virtual Open House

With an attendance of over 50 guests, FH 2021 Virtual Open House catered to a wide audience from many countries.    It was a busy morning. At 10 a.m., dozens of...
Jan 08 2021

FH Virtual Open House is coming!

The time has come for you to get all your questions about FH International High School answered live!   Our Virtual Open House will take place on January 15,...
Dec 21 2020

FH Holiday Break

Hello, it's time to cool our engines down. We inform that FH International High School will be closed from December 19, 2020 to January 3, 2021, for Christmas and New...
Nov 30 2020

Free Trial English Class (ENG4U)

We have recently offered a free trial of English class (ENG4U), taught by Mr. Robert Crocco. Robert is a new teacher at FH International and has an extensive resume...
Oct 15 2020

Applying to Canadian Universities

How to apply to Canadian universities through OUAC: 1. OUAC refers to Ontario Universities’ Application Centre 2. Two pathways: UNDERGRAD (101) & UNDERGRAD (105)  ...
Sep 25 2020

Welcome to FH International High School

*Scroll down for English version* FH International Lisesi, Toronto, Ontario, Kanada’da bulunan bir Ontario özel lisesidir. Ontario Eğitim Bakanlığı tarafından...
Sep 22 2020

Online Classes: 8 tips for success

There are many advantages to online courses; they allow you to learn whenever, wherever, and however works best for you, making it easier to earn a degree while...
Sep 16 2020

The FH 2020 Fall term details

FH International High School prepared much more than normal for this special starting of the new school year. Timetable of the new semester: Training with IPSF:...
Sep 10 2020

University of Toronto Among the World’s 20 best

In the prestigious 2021 World University Rankings, The University of Toronto was ranked as number 1 in Canada and 18th globally. This ranking is indeed a representation...
Jul 24 2020

Toronto District School Board lays out plans for September

  While school boards across Canada are quietly developing plans for bringing students back to class in September, the largest such organization in the country has...
Jul 21 2020

Govt. of Canada changes rules to attract more Intl. Students

IRCC has just announced several major changes to help international students pursue their education in Canada. International students offer significant social and...
Jul 14 2020

Why is Canada better for students than the US?

 Canada is absolutely attracting more international students than the US because the US wil bar international students who are attending schools operating online-only....
Jul 07 2020

How to safely enjoy the Summer of 2020 in Toronto

We know that the Summer is the season that most people always look forward to, including our FH Students.  Well, the Summers in Toronto are as good as it gets. Warm...
Jul 01 2020

Canada Day

It's Canada Day!     The date, celebrated on the 1st of July, is also referred as "Canada's Birthday". In fact, it was on this date, in the year of 1867, that the...
Jun 29 2020

2020 Graduation Ceremony

Our 2020 Graduation Ceremony happened on Friday, June 26, and it was a lot of fun. We, at FH International High School, are so happy to see our students accomplish...
Jun 24 2020

2020 Online Graduation

The big day is coming! Our 2020 Graduation is happening this Friday, June 26th, from 10 to 11am. To joing, tune in on Zoom using the code 559 913 8743. There will be...
May 15 2020

Sports and education

Taking part in sports is important for students as it reduces stress and enhances their mood. Sports builds healthy bones and muscles, increases fitness, improves...
May 07 2020

Visit the Royal Museum of Ontario from home

Covid-19 has been keeping everyone indoors longer than initially expected. Self-isolation is important to keep ourselves and everyone else safe, but this doesn't mean...
Apr 21 2020

FH Teachers – Henry

1) What’s your name and what subject do you teach at FH? My name is Henry Hsiao and I teach Grade 11 and 12 English. I also teach English Language Learning courses at...
Apr 01 2020

FH Students: Nam’s Artwork Explained

During an art class, one of our students, Nam, came up with a very nice concept for his artwork. He recorded the progress his creative work and made notes every step of...
Mar 26 2020

Online Classes at FH International

Because of COVID-19, and following guidelines by the provincial government, FH International High School has moved all its classes online. Notwithstanding the...
Mar 24 2020

FH BLOG: Astronauts give advice on self-isolation

Can't handle two weeks in your house? Try a year in space.   Self quarantine can get pretty lonely — especially if you’re used to spending a lot of time around...
Mar 19 2020

Things to do during self-isolation

In order to halt the spread of the COVID-19 people must stay indoors and practice social distancing. But while this is very good advice that must be followed, we also...
Mar 13 2020

Important Notice – COVID-19

Important Notice: following the recent guidelines of the Government of Ontario over the spread of Coronavirus, FH International High School will be suspending all...
Mar 10 2020

High School Life in Canada

  Background of studying in Canada Canada attracts foreign students from all over the world with its favorable natural and social environment, first-class...
Jan 20 2020

Are You really taking care of your health if You are not looking after your mental health?

On November 29, 2019, FH international high school invited Lydia Yang, director of Canadian youth psychological care center and senior adolescent psychotherapist, to...
Jan 20 2020

Home Stay: A Home away from Home…

  Homestay is a familiar concept for most international students. FH international high school will here introduce the concept of homestay and its advantages in...
Jan 20 2020

‘Tis the Season at FH International High School

          The joyous vibes of Christmas festivities remind us of the high spirits of the youth at FH International!   This snowy December, the students gathered...
Jan 17 2020

In the middle of Pho & Poutine…

   Can you imagine being a High School student and still finding time to be a vlogger? Well, that's not impossible. Our student Grace, from Vietnam, loves...
Nov 14 2019

Exploring ourselves through Diversity…

While walking along the streets of Toronto, one would surely come across a majority of individuals belonging from different cultures of our world! At FH International...
Nov 13 2019

‘Happiness’ is a good game of Badminton!

At FH International, we believe that ‘Happiness’ is a good game of Badminton! We adhere to the concept of ‘leadership’ both in as well as outside the classroom!...
Oct 17 2019

A Brief Comparison

  Hello! My name is Emily. I am a Grade 9 student and I've been studying at FH International High School since May. I really enjoy studying here, especially my Art...
Oct 16 2019

Dribble… Dribble… and Basket!

Since I was a little boy, I have always been passionate about basketball. I absolutely love playing for the school team and demonstrate the spirit of my school, FH...
Apr 19 2019

Back to School

We all know how scary and difficult the back-to-school transition can be, especially for our international students from all around the world. Well, we are here to...

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