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Sep 12 2023

2023- 2024 Orientation

New school year started!2023-2024 orientation was an exciting and welcoming event that set the tone for a fantastic school year ahead. The day began with warm smiles...
Aug 21 2023

Field Trips at Summer Camp

The ESL summer camp is a celebration of language learning that transcends traditional boundaries.FH summer programs aim to develop language skills, cultural awareness,...
Aug 16 2023

ESL at Summer Camp

At FH International High School's Summer Camp, language learning meets cultural exploration in an immersive and engaging environment. ESL activities are thoughtfully...
Jul 24 2023

FH summer Camp

Here at FH International High School, our dedicated team is ready to provide an amazing summer experience with an ESL twist. At the ESL Summer Camp 2023, we offer a...
Jun 16 2023

Field Trip to Toronto Zoo

This week we embarked on an exciting field trip to the renowned Toronto Zoo, which brought numerous benefits to our students. This Canadian educational adventure not...
May 31 2023

Study ESL in Canada

Learning English as a Second Language (ESL) has become increasingly important in the globalized world. Canada is a multicultural society with a high-quality education...
May 23 2023

Field Trip to ROM

           Last week, at FH International High School we created another unforgettable memories for our students. This time we went on an...
May 15 2023

Success Stories

My name is Yuke I am excited to share my recent achievement with you. With supports of FH team, I could get admissions from 4 Universities. The University of Toronto,...
May 01 2023

Field Trip to High Park

FH on a field trip to High Park High park is located in the heart of Toronto, renowned for its stunning greenery, nature trails, picturesque lakefront views, and more...
Apr 24 2023

A new course for Ontario students

Ontario high school students will soon have to take a technology or trade credit in order to graduate. The Education Minister, Stephen Lecce has announced that as of...

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