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FH International High School is a private high school located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It is inspected and authorized by the Ontario Ministry of Education with BSID#669529 to offer Ontario high school curriculum from Grade 9 to Grade 12 toward the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD). Also we offer Pathway Program, ESL Programs, Exchange Programs, University preparation courses including IELTS and TOEFL and  Summer/Winter Camps.

Our students are from 20+ countries around the world. With highly qualified and dedicated faculty and staff, we are committed to building up the extraordinary young generations with the ability of independent thinking, proactive learning and experience joy through soft skill building, personal development coaching, connection with Canadian society while providing highest standard academic disciplines to prepare our students for entering their dream post secondary educational institutions all around the world, ensuring them to explore different pathways to discover their passion.

FH International Highschool is aCanadian Private High School

To equip and empower our students with the skills and knowledge of active learning, independent thinking and perceiving joyfulness throughout their lives.

To embed joy and happiness in developing the students’ academic excellence, personalities, well-being and integration into the diverse Canadian society.

What Students have to say aboutFH International Highshool



Hello, I am Lucy, now I am studying in the Rotman Commerce Program at the University of Toronto. I used to be a student of FH. I feel that I have grown a lot in my high school life from a student who was overwhelmed in grade 9 to a mature and confident student in grade 12. My learning strategy is never procrastinating, as long as you devote enough effort, you will be rewarded!



FH High School was a great adventure for me. I had many experiences when I came to FH. Very good school, with great facilities for all types of students. Teachers and staff love to help and are highly professional. The school has a beautiful art room and gym. The area where the school is located is very quiet and safe. Also, the school’s online lessons are very useful.



At FH, I felt a sense of belonging and acceptance regardless of cultural differences. We had incredible moments of laughter and joy while studying in most of our classes, like the English class with Mr. Crocco. During those moments, we learned some eye-opening lessons about the media and even social stereotypes.


What Makes FH HighschoolSpecial?

Besides offering Ontario High School Curriculum through the highest academic standards, we provide rich and exceptional extracurricular activities; coaching in personal and leadership development and social integration to cultivate students’ dreams, to equip and empower them to reach their full potential to become the confident, healthy and joyful individuals ready for their brighter and greater future. 


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At FH International High School, we strongly encourage all of our students to take part in school events and socialize with their schoolmates. We believe through events and activities our students can gain valuable experiences through social integration and self-confidence beyond the classroom.


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