Guidance & Coaching

FH has developed and implemented a Guidance & Coaching Program that provides students with personal, educational and career development.


Through building up beneficial habits and soft skills, we coach students to:

  • Think actively
  • Live consciously
  • Find their passion
  • Discover their talents
  • Pursue their dreams in terms of education, future career, etc.


Through learning more about their passions and potentials, we guide students to learn how to …

  • Choose their fields of interest
  • Set goals
  • Create Plans
  • Take steps forward
  • Achieve their career goals


At FH International High School, each student knows the importance of improving their community and making a difference within. Through volunteering opportunities, our students gain different social skills and self-confidence while meeting new people as well as awareness of local organizations and current social issues.

These opportunities not only help our students become responsible, mature individuals with confidence but also gain credit and competitive advantage towards admissions to the best post-secondary educational institutions.

Giving back and helping others presents great satisfaction for our students.

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