Admission Requirements & Process

Admissions Requirements

An average of C+ (65%) or higher in the past two years of school.
Intermediate or higher level of English Language Proficiency.

Application Process

Step 1

Submit the following documents:
  • Application Form
  • Application fee
  • Copy of passport/birth certificate
  • All Official Transcripts from grade 9; last 2 year’s Official Transcripts for applying grade 9 admission
  • Motivation letter (Optional)
  • Achievements and awards (Optional)

*All documents must be in PDF format.

*Our admissions team member will contact you within 3-5 business days.

Step 2

Receive the Letter Of Conditional Acceptance 

Successful applicants receive a Condition Letter of Acceptance and Pay the tuition fee.

Step 3

Receive the Letter Of Official Acceptance 

Successful applicants receive the Official Letter of Acceptance and are ready to apply for a visa.

Step 4

Fill out the Study Permit Application
  • Students who successfully obtained their visa, please report to FH International High School.
  • FH International creates a newcomer profile and prepares the students for arrival and orientation.
  • Medical insurance coverage will be activated upon the arrival date is scheduled.

Application Deadlines

There are four intakes in the FH school year

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