At FH International High School, we believe social integration is vital to the overall success of our students. Therefore, our homestay program is designed to promote self-confidence and cultural integration within the community.

While living with a Canadian family, our students learn about the Canadian culture, improve their English skills and experience a smoother adaptation process.

Homestay Family Selection Process

Students fill out the homestay application form at least one month before arrival. Depending on our students’ preferences, we affiliate homestay families with our students.

Homestay families are selected after multiple interviews and home visits. We make sure the living conditions meet the standards of FH International and our students.

If the students are dissatisfied with their homestay within the first month of their stay and have a valid reason, we place them with another homestay family.


Each student has a fully furnished private bedroom.

Students are also given the option of shared rooms or private washrooms, depending on availability and budget.

Location and Transportation

Most of our homestay families are located within a 30 to 45-minute bus drive to school.

Depending on availability, students may also require drop-off and pick-up from their homestay families.


The homestay families provide breakfast, lunch and dinner. The students can prepare breakfast and lunch packs.

If the students have dietary restrictions or allergies, they must inform the school and the homestay families in advance.


Students are required to inform the school and their homestay families about arrival times to make sure homestay families and their rooms will be ready. Students are also required to provide their flight information as soon as they purchase their flight tickets.

Homestay Rules

Each homestay family may have their own house rules. We encourage all our students to discuss these rules within the first week of arrival. It is also significantly important to talk to the homestay families regarding any concerns or questions. Remember, a positive attitude and communication is the key to a pleasant homestay experience, and our homestay families always help you.


Homestay application fee: $200.00CAD

Homestay Fee: Please get in touch with us for detailed pricing and meal plans at

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