Pathway Program


Pathway programs provide a smooth transition for international students into the Canadian education system.

The program offers focused language training with an immersive learning experience for international students who want to attend Canadian colleges or universities but need to improve their language skills, allowing students to adapt to the academic expectations, teaching methods, and cultural environment of Canada, preparing them for the conditions for their main study program in colleges and universities.



At the FH – LOYALIST seamless Pathway Program international students get into their main study program at Loyalist College without requirement of IELTS test results or any other English language test results after completion of ESL courses at FH Pathway Program as the prerequisite for the condition of their main study program at Loyalist College.

Step 1:

Apply for admission to the FH Pathway Program

  • Fill out the FH Pathway Program Application Form
  • A copy of passport or birth Certificate
  • Proof of English level if any (optional)
  • Submit the above documents to

Step 2:

After evaluation of your qualification

  • Get a Conditional Letter of Acceptance
  • Pay the tuition
  • Get a Letter of Official Acceptance

Step 3:

Apply for admission to Loyalist College

  • Apply for admission to Loyalist College with the Letter of Official Acceptance of FH Pathway Program
  • Pay the tuition deposit
  • Get a Condition Letter of Acceptance from Loyalist College

Step 4:

Apply for a student visa

  • Use the Letter of Official Acceptance from FH International High School and the Conditional Letter of Acceptance from Loyalist College to apply for a student visa/study permit.

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