Cultural Variety and Integration at FH

Cultural Variety and Integration at FH

FH International High School warmly welcomes international students, recognizing the immense value they add to our community. Each student brings a unique cultural heritage, enriching our collective understanding and appreciation of the world. Our inclusive atmosphere...
International Student Program reforms

International Student Program reforms

New Guidelines for International Study Permits in Canada: What You Need to Know The Government of Canada has recently announced changes to the International Student Program. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has provided further details to help...
Toronto in Spring

Toronto in Spring

Spring in Toronto brings a welcome change from the winter chill, offering visitors a chance to explore the city’s attractions. A must-see during this season is the breathtaking cherry blossom display in High Park, drawing tourists from all corners of the globe....
What does Pathway Program offer?

What does Pathway Program offer?

In Canada, the Pathway Program offers a promising route for international students to pursue higher education seamlessly. Essentially, the Pathway Program serves as a bridge between high schools and colleges, providing a structured pathway for students to transition...
New visa policy for Canadian study permits

New visa policy for Canadian study permits

The Canadian government has recently implemented a cap on international study permit applications for a period of two years, aiming to stabilize the influx of international students into the country. However, it’s important to note that this cap does not apply...

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