Back to School

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Back to School

Apr 19, 2019All posts, Education, For Parents, Study Tips

We all know how scary and difficult the back-to-school transition can be, especially for our international students from all around the world. Well, we are here to help! Here is some advice for a smooth transition and an easy start to the school year. Back to school is a fresh start, a time to redefine yourself, who you are and what you want for your future. If you plan well and prepare for the new term, you can have the best school year ever.


Adjust your Sleep Routine
You need to start your sleep routine according to your schedule.
After long summer nights and no assignments, it might be hard to start sleeping earlier but for a fresh start, you need to adjust your sleeping routine. You don’t want to be the sleeping beauty in the classroom.

Make Ground Rules
You can start with no cell phone while studying, no TV or games until you finish the assignments and do the readings. If you set your ground rules before school starts, you will be more likely to follow them and see positive results at school.

Set Goals
Do you want to join an art club or the school team this year? Do you want to get the highest marks in Science courses? Do you want to volunteer with your peers or start your university applications? If you set your goals early, you will have enough time to make progress and see the results.

Do your Back-to-School Shopping
Getting a new backpack, lunchbox or other school supplies can get you excited for the new term. With your new school supplies, you can get more organized and motivated.

Find ways to Have Fun and Chill Out
Stress is inevitable at school. With assignments, projects, and exams you might feel overwhelmed but if you make sure you are participating in fun activities with your friends, watching movies you like or doing sports, you will be less stressed and enjoy your school year more.


Don’t miss the orientation day!
The orientation day is to mark the important dates, rules and get started with the new school year. Make sure you meet all your new schoolmates, teachers, and school staff and sign up for Orientation Week events.

Do you also have any suggestions for back-to-school? Leave a comment and share your ideas with us.

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