FH Students: Nam’s Artwork Explained

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FH Students: Nam’s Artwork Explained

Apr 1, 2020All posts, Education, Study Tips

During an art class, one of our students, Nam, came up with a very nice concept for his artwork.

He recorded the progress his creative work and made notes every step of the way.

Read below on Nam’s own words:

“The topic of this new project is environment, how the environment was affected by human being, and I chose ocean pollution.

Recently, the ocean was being destroyed by human, we throw trashes into it and ruined the ecosystem. Fishes cannot live in a dirty water and a lot of them died because of water pollution.

So first when I knew about this new topic, I decided to chose water pollution or specific is trashes in ocean. I draw an ice berg with full of trash under the water with fishes around it in order to show that the fishes have to eat and live with all the garbage that we, humans, throw into the water.”

This is the first drawing that I have of my work.


During the process, my teacher helped me to fix it so this work become better. She told me an iceberg behind should be smaller and I should paint the trashes with light blue and the shadow of it should be gray. So, I did it and this is my finished work.

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