How to safely enjoy the Summer of 2020 in Toronto

Jul 7, 2020All posts, Lifestyle

We know that the Summer is the season that most people always look forward to, including our FH Students. 

Well, the Summers in Toronto are as good as it gets. Warm weather, plenty of sun, outdoor activities, nearby beaches.. you name it! Toronto has it all. 

Toronto in the Summer

However, 2020 has proved to be very different from all other years. This Summer, because of social distancing measures in place, many of the things that people expect to happen during the warmest months simply will not happen. But you know what? That is okay.

With a pinch of creativity, everything can be solved. And to prove that, check out a bunch of activities that you can enjoy this Summer from the comfort of your home. 

We know it won’t be same, but hey, our safety must always come first. 😉



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