Review of the IPSF Private School Alliance Mental Health Symposium.


On March 30, FH International High School participated in a mental health webinar during the epidemic organized by the IPSF Private School Alliance. The meeting mainly discussed how to help students establish a healthy psychological environment and the importance of volunteer activities through the COVID-19 pandemic. FH teachers actively spoke, participated in the discussion, brought relevant topics to the conversation.

The full name of IPSF ( is Independent and Private School Forum. It is an exclusive alliance established for Canadian accredited schools and provides educational consulting services for the schools of the alliance members in the field of education professionals.

As a member of the IPSF Alliance, FH International High School Canada is highly recognized by the Alliance and the Ontario Ministry of Education. We actively participate in every seminar organized by the alliance, discuss school development matters with other members, consult professional education consultants in Ontario and solve problems, continuously improve the quality and level of teaching, and create the best learning environment for students.

Studies have pointed out that during the epidemic, half of adolescents had mental health problems. However, many teenagers also said that the epidemic has brought many positive effects to them, such as having more time to develop hobbies, to be with their family members, to be more relaxed, introspective, and to pay more attention to themselves.



Anibal Martins

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