Winter in Canada | How to prepare for the cold?

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Winter in Canada | How to prepare for the cold?


The end of the year is approaching, and in Canada, the temperatures are getting lower. Blizzards, freezing temperatures, and biting winds make the cold weather extreme and pose a health risk for those who are not prepared. Here are some tips to prepare for the cold and enjoy the winter in the best possible way.

1. Dress correctly
To withstand the cold and survive the winter, you must dress appropriately, including many layers and high-quality products. Before going out shopping for all possible cold weather clothes, find out the average temperature in your region. Average temperatures can vary a lot, and knowing exactly what to buy will keep you warm and, best of all, inexpensive.

2. Protect your skin from the cold
The tip of keeping your skin hydrated during the Canadian winter may seem like an exaggeration for those who are used to tropical weather, for example. With cold, hot baths and heat everywhere, the tendency is for the skin to really dry out. The use of a good moisturizer daily is more than advisable. And always have on hand a lip balm and a moisturizing hand cream.

3. Always check the weather forecast before leaving home
It is essential to know what temperature you will face.
It is already starting to cool in the months that precede winter, and it is not uncommon to have days with temperatures close to or below freezing in late October and November. During December to March, the temperature is usually below zero, and it can reach -25ºC or colder. Always check the weather forecast before leaving. That way you know the cold you will face and you can prepare better.

4. Enjoy the best of winter
The winter is long, and the cold advances in the closer seasons; In other words, it is not possible to stay literally half the year locked at home complaining about the cold. So, find activities and ways to have fun this season. There are many indoor activities like bowling alleys, museums and community centers. On the other hand, Toronto also has numerous coffee shops and places to discover and nothing better than a hot drink to enjoy the cold.

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