A Brief Comparison

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A Brief Comparison

Oct 17, 2019All posts, Education, For Parents



My name is Emily. I am a Grade 9 student and I’ve been studying at FH International High School since May. I really enjoy studying here, especially my Art class, because I have great opportunities to create my own artworks. My latest one was a handmade book about my life in Canada. I spent 3 weeks making my book, and I learned a lot of new things. Not only I learned new techniques, but I also realized that I missed my family, my friends, and my country. I hope that I will learn more things in my next project.






I really enjoy checking the weather on my phone because I want to compare the differences between Canada’s weather and Vietnam’s weather.



It’s nice to go to school by subway and bus but I would rather spend 5 minutes walking to school like I used to do in Vietnam.



I wish there would be a Dolarama in Vietnam… Don’t you think it is very cool and convenient? It’s my favorite store!



I had never spent 5 hours doing homework until I came to Canada. But it’s better than studying for almost 12 hours a day in Vietnam.



I think there are still some more things that I have to think about everyday… But I cannot remember, maybe because there are too many!?


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