Field Trip to Toronto Zoo

by | Jun 16, 2023 | Blogs | 0 comments

This week we embarked on an exciting field trip to the renowned Toronto Zoo, which brought numerous benefits to our students. This Canadian educational adventure not only allowed students to explore the vast variety of wildlife from around the world, but it also provided them with an immersive language learning experience.


As students encountered majestic lions and playful polar bears, they had the opportunity to practice their English skills by describing, discussing, and asking questions about the different species they encountered.

Engaging in group discussions and interacting with the knowledgeable zoo staff further boosted our international student’s confidence in communicating in English.

This enriching day at the zoo fostered a supportive environment for students to practice their language skills, promoting fluency, and reinforcing classroom learning in a real-world context.
Overall, the Toronto Zoo field trip was a perfect blend of fun, education, and fostering a sense of wonder. Participants’ valuable language immersion experience complemented their academic journey at FH High School.

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