Reasons to join FH Summer Camp

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At FH International High School

  • We welcome students (14 – 21 years old) to our Summer Camp and Study Tour Programs.
  • Students with different English skill levels are very welcome to join our programs. 
  • Students’ parents are also welcome to join the summer camp.
  • During the summer camp, the whole family can create amazing memories together while experiencing the beautiful Canadian summer and its tourism attractions.
  • An exclusive opportunity will be provided for students to accelerate their English proficiency through ESL programs, and prepare themselves to continue their education in Canada.
  • The FH study tour project will take students to visit different academic environments like the University of Toronto and Toronto Public Library.  letting them experience these environments in person, get some insights about the Canadian education system, learn more about their passions, and set some goals for their future study in Canada. 
  • Students and their families will be staying at a college campus, with a Canadian education environment and complete facilities.
  • Students will have a chance to communicate with local students, and learn more about education in Canada.
  • The learning intensity of FH Summer Camp is moderate, the program length is short, the impact is obvious, and the cost efficiency is high.
  • The visitor visa for the summer camp will set a credit with CIC, for the students. This will help them to have a more smooth process to receive their study permit in the future.
  • During the trip, parents will be able to get the first hand information about Canadian education, living conditions, admission requirements etc. This will help them to make a right decision for their children’s future study in Canada.

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