Field Trips at Summer Camp

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The ESL summer camp

is a celebration

of language learning

that transcends

traditional boundaries.

FH summer programs aim to develop language skills, cultural awareness, lasting friendships, and personal growth. To achieve this, we offer our students various field trips that seamlessly blend learning and exploration into unforgettable experiences.

These field trips have been the cornerstone of a comprehensive educational experience. Just as FH International High School’s core values guide our approach to education, these outings exemplify our commitment to providing students with a well-rounded and immersive learning journey extending our classroom discussions to real-world scenarios.

It’s not just about what our students learn; it’s about the connections they forge and the unity they embrace. These field trips help students to deepen the sense of camaraderie. From exploring museums that brought history to life to venturing into the heart of nature, every trip is a canvas for both language growth and friendship cultivation.

The stories and experiences from these field trips have become cherished memories for our students. As we think about this summer’s journey, we can see how learning, unity, and growth have connected our ESL summer campers. Stick with us as we build on these connections, creating lifelong learning and strong bonds.

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