FH Movie Club is Starting this Summer

FH Movie Club is Starting this Summer

Have you ever dreamed about creating your own movie, giving life to your wildest ideas? If that’s a yes, then FH has the perfect club for you. This Summer, FH International High School has introduced the first-ever Movie Club to occur in our institution. The...
Top 5 Summer Activities in Toronto for Students

Top 5 Summer Activities in Toronto for Students

Summer has arrived and there’s so much to do around the city! Whether you like the heat or not, we all agree: Toronto is much more alive in the summer. Streets bustling with people, restaurants opening up patios and putting tables outside and parks with gushing...
Want to Apply for a University? Then Read This.

Want to Apply for a University? Then Read This.

University Applicants need to follow a specific pathway in high school. Plan ahead!   Getting into a University is the goal for many students around the world. But, in Canada, getting there may not be so straightforward as in other countries. To start off, there...

Canada Accelerates Study Permit Processing

The Canadian Immigration Service accelerates the processing of study visas for international students and guarantees that students will get a response in time to enroll for the September intake. If you submit a complete study visa application before May 15, 2021, you...

IPSF Mental Health Symposium

Review of the IPSF Private School Alliance Mental Health Symposium.   On March 30, FH International High School participated in a mental health webinar during the epidemic organized by the IPSF Private School Alliance. The meeting mainly discussed how to help...

Does Online Learning Really Work?

Online-based education. This has been the scenario all across the globe since the Covid-19 Pandemic hit, in early 2020. But does online learning really work? Research says it does. Whether you like it or not, online learning doesn’t seem to be going away anytime...

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