FH International High School Online


FH International High School Online

FH International High School Online is here to provide a virtual platform to support our students to reach their full academic and personal potential with the very best standards and ethical practices in the field of online education and dedication to developing a rich and diverse learning environment.

Opportunities for student’s success are provided through inquiry-based and experiential learning, which fosters critical thinking skills. Parents around the world and in Canada will find that FH International High School Online has the best interests of its students at heart, and the leaders that emerge from this online program will be ready to make positive contributions to our world.

FH International High School Online Fees

Local Students: $1,000 CAD/Course

International Students$1,400 CAD/Course

Why FH International High School Online?

Year-round enrollment

Online tutoring service

Synchronized with onsite course

Efficient and economic


Accredited by

Ontario Ministry of Education

High quality learing by experienced teachers 

International students getting Canadian credits without being in Canada

Improve Students’ English level with North American curriculum arrangement

Schedule your own study time, preview and review anytime & anywhere

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