Course Description

This course examines the relationships between food, energy balance, and nutritional status; the nutritional needs of individuals at different stages of life; and the role of nutrition in health and disease. Students will evaluate nutrition-related trends and will determine how food choices can promote food security and environmental responsibility. Students will learn about healthy eating, expand their repertoire of food preparation techniques, and develop their social science research skills by investigating issues related to nutrition and health.


    1. Kitchen material
    2. Recipe books
    3. Various internet resources
    4. Dictionaries, Thesaurus etc
    5. Moodle Site
    6. OWL English Purdue


    What is HFA4U?
    HFA4U is a Grade 12 Food and Nutrition course at a university preparation level.
    What is the prerequisite course for HFA4U?
    Any Grade 11 or 12 U or M preparation course in Social Sciences and Humanities, English, or Canadian and World Studies.
    How long does it take to complete the HFA4U online course?
    You can complete a grade 12 online high school credit courses as quickly as 4 weeks, or take as long as 5 months.

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