Brian Campbell - Principal

Brian Campbell has been working in the field of education for over a decade in a variety of capacities. Whether teaching in South Korea, the United States, or Canada, leading a Garden Club or a staff meeting, or learning through regional dialogues and professional development sessions, Brian has become an expert in the field of International Education, and knows what it takes to facilitate academic success. Principal Campbell is committed to the success of FH International and your children by pursuing the very highest standards in education. Come join us and see for yourself!

Frank Marchini - Education Consultant

  • 38 years of Administrative and Teaching experience
  • 32 years of experience dedicated to the Ontario Public School system
  • 8 years’ experience of dedication to the Private School system
  • Founding Principal of three private schools

Zahira Momin - Mathematics and Physics Teacher

Zahira Momin has been working in the field of Education since last 15 years. She holds bachelor’s in Engineering and Master’s in Automation Engineering. She is currently owing a favour to teach Credit Courses for 3 high schools.

Teaching is her hobby as well as her Passion as she strongly believes that teachers are foot stone for the students. She likes teaching profession specifically Math and Physics. She enjoys her job even though it is more responsible profession as it shapes the life of students. In today's world of education, as per her view teacher’s role is quite multifaceted. Their job is to counsel students, to help them learn how to use their knowledge and integrate it into their lives, so they will be valuable members of society. Her main vision is to guide the students and make a valuable contribution in the life of students to get great academic achievements in (Science Technology Engineering and Math) STEM carrier.

She believes “Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.” – Anthony J. D’Angelo.

Syed Anjum Ahmed - Business Teacher

Syed Anjum Ahmed has been working in the field of Education for two decades serving both in Canada as well as overseas. He is a multi-lingual and highly experienced in the field of teaching ranging from High School to College to Overseas Universities.

He holds a Bachelors degree in Science from Japan, and an MBA from US with a diploma in Training and Development from UK. He was also awarded Top Ten Best Teacher’s Award from King Saud University, Saudi Arabia.

He is very passionate to help students achieve their future academic success and harvest a meaningful career in life. He has taught different subjects namely Business Studies, Accounting, ESL/IELTS in different countries including Canada.

Syed, as a teacher, believes that his key responsibilities is not only to explain the subject matter to students, but to go beyond this. He makes it sure to meet the needs of students of varying abilities within the same classroom, providing all students with an equal opportunity to learn. His way of teaching is to teach in an interactive way using different teaching methods based on the needs of the students. Students are from different backgrounds and experiences. As such, he inspires students to share and interact in the class in a friendly atmosphere.

Larissa Schwartz - Business Teacher

Larissa Schwartz has over thirteen years of teaching experience in private and public school settings. She holds a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree from Schulich School of Business, York University.

As well, she holds a Bachelor of Education Degree in Business Studies and a Master of Education Degree from OISE, University of Toronto. Larissa has experience teaching abroad. She enjoys walking in her spare time.

Mumtaz Tai - ESL Teacher

She is a confident and well-organized person who has a passion for teaching with over 10 years of experience. She holds Masters Degree (Major English) and a B.Ed. She is also an Ontario Certified Teacher with professionalism to communicate firmly and effectively with the students. She believe in creating an engaging learning environment, which is imperative to maximizing every students learning, potential. With her skills and experience, she can provide with an adequate English training. Students will overcome their difficulties and will conquer all their fears while acquiring English language proficiency.

David Cowan - IELTS Teacher

With an Honors BA in English and Sociology from University of Toronto, and a TESOL degree, David brings tremendous experience teaching international students and IELTS courses. He relishes the opportunity to be part of students’ learning journeys in order to guide them along the path to exceptional academic achievement.

As a senior IELTS test expert, David brings the expertise to his teaching to help learners to attain high IELTS bands (6 plus) through practicing the IELTS spoken standards of Fluency, Lexical Resource (Vocabulary), Grammar Constructions and standard English Pronunciation. Some of his former students have gone on to successfully finish Master’s and PhDs at prestigious universities such as Queen’s University, Rotman School of Management of University of Toronto, and University of Waterloo.

Peter Pears - English Teacher

As an accredited TESL Ontario language instructor, Peter is a resourceful motivator and always looking for alternate ways to make learning fun in the classroom. He helps international students with their grammar, vocabulary and course curriculum, and assists students in an advanced level program to hone their skills needed to succeed at the college level and also aided IELTS test-takers achieve required proficiency levels. He brings to the table key skills like writing, editing and a vast fund of general knowledge, accrued while being a professional journalist for over a decade and half with two leading newspapers.

Maggie Dai - Math Teacher

Maggie graduated from University of Waterloo with great academic standing. She is experienced in teaching high school Math courses including Advanced Functions, Calculus and Vectors and Mathematical Data Management. She teaches Math in a joyful way and is always willing to help students to achieve their goals.

Li Zhang - Mandarin Teacher

Li graduated from York University with a passion to teach high school and international students. He is experienced in teaching ESL students and various social science courses including world religions, Challenge & Change in Society and History, Identity& Culture. He cultivates critical thinking and thought-provoking ideas to help students realizing their hidden potential.

Tania Gomez- English Teacher

Tania is a passionate and dedicated English teacher for high school students. She graduated from the University of Toronto with an Honors Bachelors of Arts, specializing in English. Tania is also a TESL Canada certified educator. She brings 12 years of experience as an English teacher in a private school, tutoring centres, and an adult ESL college. In addition, Tania is an online editor, assisting high school and university students with academic and business writing.