What Makes FH Standouts?

Leadership Through Care

1 to 1 Student Coordinator | Personal study plan | University application assistance | IELTS/OSSLT preparation | Soft-Skills Building | Social Integration

High Quality of Education

100% top university offers | Teacher-student ratio 1:5 | Small classroom size (no more than 10) | Unique extracurricular activities | Student-oriented service | Soft skills building

Facilities and Location

Toronto central area, safe and multicultural neighborhood, 45,000 sf with a gym, auditorium, basketball & badminton court, close to shopping plaza, Hwy 401 and public transportation

Our Mission

To equip and empower our students with the skills and knowledge of active learning, independent thinking and perceiving happiness throughout their lives.



Our Vision

Embedding happiness in developing the students’ academic excellence, personalities, well-being and integration into the diverse and multicultural Canadian society.


Our Values

Active Learning

We believe learning is essential to our students’ blossoming. We strive to support educational opportunities for each student helping them to acquire new, modifying or existing knowledge, behaviors, skills, values or preferences. Our students are ready to take on new challenges to learn, to grow and to better themselves.

Independent Thinking

Our students who are active learners are always encouraged to ask questions to foster their independent thinking skills. We believe independent thinking skills are significant for great leaderships skills, making well-informed decisions, gain confidence for our students to pursue successful and productive lives.

Perceiving Joyfulness

Being able to perceive joyfulness allows students to ease their stress by having the best mood and creating free space to achieve their academic goals and personal development, whilst enjoying what they do. 

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