What Makes FH Different?

Leadership Through Care

Stuent-Orientated Service | 1 on 1 Student Coordinator | Joy & Happiness Embedded | Personal & Leadership Development | Building soft skills | Social Integration

High Quality of Education

Personalized Study Plan | Small Size Class (less than 10) | 100% University Admission | IELTS/OSSLT Preparation | Rich & Exceptional Extracurricular

Facilities and Location

Toronto Central area | Safe & Multicultural Neighbourhood | 25,000 sf Campus | Gym, Art and Music spaces | By Major Shopping Centre & Public Transportation

                      OUR APPROACH

Practice-Oriented Academic Culture

Practice-Oriented Academic Culture provides flexibility in learning process. Based on activities and interact discussion by the needs and capacities of individual student, we integrate academic study and learning with social development through projects, workshops and extracurricular activities to build student’s human skills such as confidence, EQ, interpersonal skills, and working independently towards achieving success and having satisfaction with every decisions they make.

Student-Paced Education

With students from different countries with difference educational systems and English levels, FH creates customized study plans for each and every student. Guidance councilors provide guided independent study opportunities on regular basis to help students achieve their education goals with their own pace.

Our Mission

To equip and empower our students with the skills and knowledge of active learning, independent thinking and perceiving happiness throughout their lives.



Our Vision

Embedding happiness in developing the students’ academic excellence, personalities, well-being and integration into the diverse and multicultural Canadian society.



Active Learning

Through active learning students are actively involved in learning process to increase performance in science, engineering, mathematics, arts and other academic areas.

Independent Thinking

The ability to think clearly and rationally about what to do with confidence to draw on your intelligence and depend on your views instead of just passive following instructions

Perceiving Joy & Happiness

Being able to perceive joy and hapiness allows students to ease their stress and maximum utilizes their talents through creating open spaces to achieve their academic goals and personal development while enjoying what they do.

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