Student Clubs

Future Scientists Club

Future Scientists Club members actively come up with new science projects, discuss new scientific research, attend science fair projects, visit local science labs in Toronto and invite scientists to discuss their profession.

Entrepreneur Club

Every great achievement begins with a dream, but very often we fail to inspire young people to make big dreams, to chase their passions and realize their full potential. This club aims to guide and support students to plan and set up real, sustainable school businesses. Students get the chance to gain hands-on experience of running a real business and generate real profits to help support their school or a social cause of their choice.

Basketball Club

Basketball club members receive basic instructions and encouragement to develop their game in a fun environment. The objective is to enhance skills in basketball such as dribbling, passing and shooting. More importantly, they see the importance of teamwork and develop the concept of fair play through active participation in mini tournaments.

Music Club

Through the music club you can explore genres of music in our music space. For example, you may learn how music is made, and how to play the most beautiful melody. This friendly music space will give stu­dents the opportunity to break down the inner mechanisms of all different types of music. In addition, we have a variety of instruments, such as guitars, a drum set, a piano, ukuleles, etc. You will definitely find an instrument that interests you.

Table Tennis Club

In this club, students learn creative table tennis with specific movements and new skills, to improve their hand-eye coordination and BRAIN activity. Through this club, stu­dents can strengthen their hearts and lungs and engage their brain at a high level. Ping Pong is not only a physical sport but also a BRAIN sport.

Badminton Club

The goal is to develop the skills and attitude necessary to participate in badminton activities in order to enhance overall wellness. Emphasis is on the opportunity for increased physical and leisure activities.

Art Club

Aristotle said that “The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.” Our art space is designed for students who want to explore a vari­ety of art and design disciplines, to develop their portfolio for further study, or for those who wish to enjoy learning creative skills in a fun-filled environment.

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