Future Scientists Club

Future Scientists Club members actively come up with new science projects, discuss new scientific research, attend science fair projects, visit local science labs in Toronto and invite scientists to discuss their profession.

Entrepreneur Club

Every great achievement begins with a dream, but very often we fail to inspire young people to chase their passions and realize their full potential. This club aims to guide and support students to gain hands-on experience of running a real business to help support their school or a social cause of their choice.



We are aware of the fact that studying abroad is a great adventure that helps students widen their horizons, learn new skills and grow in various ways. But we also know that this new journey might be full of challenges for many students and their families, which might make them feel worried or overwhelmed. Therefore, the FH coaching offers great support to students and their parents to learn how to mindfully face the cultural shock, adapt to the new environment and a new education system, avoid any homesickness and make new like-minded friends.

Music Club

Equipped with Pianos, Guitars, Ukuleles and drums set, FH Music Space attracts and encourages students to explore music they love and to relax mind between classes. Students will definitely find an instrument that pleases them.

Sport Club

Sport Club is one of rich students life at FH. The club activities provide students the opportunity of fun play while keeping healthy life style, learning teamwork, and making friends through mini- tournmaments. The sport club includes basketball, tennis, badminton etc.

Art Club

FH art space is not only equipped with all art’s tools for students taking art class for earning high school credits and develop their art portfolios, but also open to all students for enjoying learning creative skills in a fun-fulled environment.

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