Welcome to FH International High School, where the standard of being extraordinary builds a solid foundation for you. We are here to support you to successful complete your high school meanwhile to help you to explore the possible pathways.

We provide you an open space to be inspired and to discover your talents through customized academic study plans and rich extracurricular activities. We guide you to find your passion, to develop your soft skills and to build up your academic and life knowledge. We take every step with you to support you to achieve your dream post-secondary education at top Universities around the world, and create your future career.

Enjoy studying with us and growing as an extraordinary leader of your life.

Frank Marchini

Head of Academics


Our Campus

Our campus is located in the central area of Toronto, Canada, with over 25,000 sf space in a safe neighbourhood with close proximity to University of Toronto Scarborough Campus, public transport, highway, libraries, a major shopping centre and only fifteen minutes away from the beautiful Lake Ontario.

Equipped with gym, library, arts and music spaces, computer & social media centre, student lounge and cafeteria, we provide warm and cozy surrounding for our students to enjoy their daily schooling.

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