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FH International High School has an outstanding professional group of faculty and staff who are dedicated to the students’ academic success, soft-skills building, social integration and wellbeing. With our motto of Leadership Through Care, we guarantee each student is provided with the best opportunity to grow academically, emotionally, and socially. 

Frank Marchini

Head of Academics & Chair of Board

With 38 years of Administrative and Teaching experience, 32 years of experience dedicated to the Ontario Public School system, and 8 years’ experience of dedication to the Private School system, Frank brings significant value to FH International High School.

Alexandra Stournaras

Humanities/Social Sciences Teacher & Coordinator of Business Administration

Graduating with a Bachelor of Education from the University of Sydney, Australia and a post graduate Diploma of Interior Design from ISCD, Australia.

Holding the OCT certificate and having been teaching Social Sciences in Australia for two decades with extensive experience in course writing, curriculum design, Moodle platform and Google classroom.

The principal and creative director of AST Interior Design, a business of Interior Design for residential and commercial properties.

Robert Crocco

English Teacher

Embedding a passion for language arts that is deeply rooted in creative expression, critical analysis, argumentative writing, and persuasive oral communication, Robert has been teaching English, Presentation Skills, and Mass Media for high schools since 2015. Educated at Wilfrid Laurier University in English Literature & Film Studies, Robert spent several years in Film industry across North America and Europe before returning to Western University to pursue a vocation in teaching.

Anamaria-Denisa Visoiu

Business and Social Science Teacher

Highly experienced business and social science teacher with more than 10 years of experience. More than five years of remote teaching through Moodle and Zoom. Teaching primary school/middle school and high school students through practical and innovative methods.

Lida Shanehchiyan

Art Teacher

Graduated from York University Master of Design, and Interdisciplinary Master of Art, Media, and Design from OCAD University, Lida is a visual artist, researcher, and art director who has picked up a variety of practical, and hands-on experience in the world of visual communication.

Lynn Gomez

Business Teacher

Graduated from University of Western Sydney, Australia, Lynn has been teaching Business and Social Sciences for the past 8 years to various grade levels as well as internationally. As a teacher she feels she is not only responsible for imparting knowledge to students, but also believe in aiding in the development of their attitude and personality. She likes to keep every class student friendly, participative while meeting the curriculum expectations.

Jeffery Yang

Science Teacher

With PhD in Physics and many years of work experience, Jeffrey has been  applying his extensive mathematics and scientific knowledge in solving real environmental issues. Jeffery has been teaching Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics of all levels. He loves teaching and is passionate for extending education beyond the classroom into student future development.

Zahira Momin

Mathematics & Physics Teacher

Zahira holds a Bachelor degree in Engineering and a Master’s degree in Automation Engineering. Her vision is to guide the students and make valuable con­tributions in the lives of students to get great academic achievements in STEM curriculum.

Julia Zhu

IELTS & Mandarin Teacher

With a Master’s Degree in Education from University of Toronto and Bachelor Degree specialized in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language, Julia has been teaching Mandarin and IELTS courses for many years in Canada.

Maggie Dai

Mathematics & Science Teacher

Graduated from University of Waterloo with great academic standing, Maggie is experienced in teaching high school Math courses including Advanced Functions, Calculus and Vectors and Mathematical Data Management. She teaches Math in a joyful way and is always helps students achieve their goals.

Sajanth Mohan

Director, Marketing & Business Development

Holding a Bachelor of Commerce from Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada with a focus on management and marketing, Sajanth has extensive experience in marketing, strategic business development, and student recruitment as well. With years of experience on marketing, organizational development within under his belt, he has a passion in serving the non-profit sector as form of community development and expansion of vision for organizations.

David Vu

Coordinator, Recruitment & Student Services

Being caring and detail orientated and having 2 decades of educational marketing and recruitment experience, David is passionate about guiding and helping international students for their better career path and integration into Canadian society.


Sarah Safaei

Business Administration Coordinator

Holding her master’s degree in Economic Development from Iran and Post Graduate Diploma in International Business Management from Centennial College, Sarah is gifted in language and communication with trilingual. Her 6 years of experience in international business in both Iran and Canada, also teaching and coaching for youth, brings unique value and contribution of business administration, marketing, and public relations to FH. 

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