We are aware of the

fact that studying

abroad is a great adventure that helps students widen their horizon, learn new skills and grow in so many ways. Yet, we know that it is also a great challenge and many students and families may feel worried or overwhelmed by this new life ahead.

Therefore, FH International Orientation program offers great support to our students and parents to help students cope with culture shock, adapting to a new school and a new education system, homesickness, making friends or being lost in translation.

Orientation day is the week before school starts. Students are informed in advance about the documents they are supposed to bring to school that day. After the document checklist, signing the school policy and contracts, students are given their Student Card, gym waiver and uniforms.

Our Orientation Day enables the students meet the faculty, staff and their classmates, get to know the school and the neighbor through fun activities during the day and we end the day with a welcome dinner with all the staff and the students.

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