Our Approach

Progressive Education

At FH International High School, we value the experience-learning more than formal learning. Through projects and workshops, our students gain the ability to work independently and become individuals who are prepared for post-secondary education and their chosen careers pathway. Through progressive education, students become independent thinkers, confident and emotionally intelligent individuals with great interpersonal skills.

Practical-oriented Academic Culture

FH academic culture is based on a practical-oriented education system. While we challenge our students to get the highest quality of education possible, we encourage our students to have the required knowledge and voice out their opinion during discussions. Our goal is to help our students become independent, successful and happy individuals in the future.

Studet-paced Education

FH teachers follow a non-standardized program pace to meet the needs of each student in the classroom. Having students from different educational backgrounds and English levels, our teachers design customized study plans for each student to help them achieve their education goals. While some of our students might have 1 on 1 private IELTS courses, other students might be given a differentiated instruction and assessments depending on their own pace.


FH follows a quadmester system that divides the academic year into four sessions. While usually the first session is running from September to November, the second from November to March, the third is running from March to May, the fourth is running from early May till end of June. Quadmester system allows our students to take less courses in a session and focus on the courses they are enrolled in. It also allows our international students to start at 4 different times in a year.

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