PED POLICY - Personal Electronic Device

To promote student achievement and safety, the use of PED's are strictly prohibited UNLESS the classroom teacher has approved its use for academic purposes: Students may bring their own laptops to class but they are solely responsible for proper use and care of their device. Technology is to be used respectfully and appropriately, therefore, students are reminded to refrain from posting any comments or photos in relation to the school, the staff, or fellow students. Students should be mindful of their use of technology outside of a classroom setting in all aspects of their lives, including in relation to the school. Parents/Guardians are strongly encouraged to be aware of the student's use of their personal electronic devices. Ear buds and headsets are not permissible for use on school premises.

Failure to comply with this policy may result in the confiscation of the PED and/or disciplinary action as outlined in the Code of Conduct.


The following activities are prohibited on the FH International computer network regardless of the method being employed to gain access to the network. Users are forbidden to:

Any violation of the above regulations will result in progressive discipline as covered in the Code of Conduct.



According to Sabrinas Law(2006), students who have severe allergies must notify the school upon registration. If an epi-pen is required in an emergency situation, the student must carry one with them at all times as well as provide the school with an epi-pen to be placed in a secure location in case of an emergency situation.

Fire Drill/Emergency Alarm System

When the fire alarm sounds, all staff and students must evacuate the school building, where a teacher leads all students in their class outside, and all staff look for any students not in class to take them outside, and all staff and students remain on the sidewalk area North of the building. If evacuation to this area is not possible, all staff and students will gather at the secondary rally point, the parking area behind the school gymnasium. Teachers will immediately take class attendance when outside the building to ensure all students are accounted for and report any missing students to the administration. The Principal is responsible for collecting the head count and ensuring all members are safely evacuated, as well as recording the evacuation time for future drills. The Principal is also responsible for giving the “all-clear” so students and staff may return to the building. FH International will conduct two fire drills per year as mandated by the Ministry of Labour.

Lockdown / Hold and Secure / Shelter-in-place

FH International has developed a policy to respond to any and all emergencies of this nature, which is called Policy B2, “FH Emergency Situation Policy and Procedures”, which can be referred to at any time to learn about FH International High School’s plans to protect all people within our building. This policy will be used to determine all courses of action for all stakeholders in all manner of emergencies. The definitions for those types of emergencies are below:

Hold and Secure

Hold and Secure (formerly “Partial Lockdown”) is a response to a threat in the general vicinity of a school, but not on or near school property. This could be a police pursuit, a crime in progress or an active search by local police for a known dangerous offender. Staff, students and visitors are considered to be safe inside the school, once they do not leave the building.


A Lockdown is a response to an emergency situation wherein the evacuation of a school building is neither safe nor advisable and steps are required to isolate students and staff members from danger by having everyone remain inside the building. In all lockdowns, staff members establish communication with police by calling 9-1-1; call the appropriate FH offices; and provide a crisis report as soon as possible.


This is governed by a separate set of protocols as part of the Emergency Situation Policy and is used during hazardous environmental situations when it is safer to remain inside (e.g. a gas leak in the neighbourhood). Essentially, school activities within the building may remain normal or may be altered depending on the situation, which could include anything from an order to remain away from windows to entering a full lockdown. The Principal will determine the best course of action in these situations.


Students are responsible for any school textbooks and equipment that is provided by the school. If students purchase their own textbooks, they are responsible for their own care and ensuring they are brought to class every day. Textbooks owned by the school are to be returned at the end of the term in excellent condition. Damaged or lost property must be replaced at the student's cost. No exceptions.


Students are expected to be at the bus/van pick up location 5 minutes prior to the scheduled pick up time. Students must adhere to the Code of Conduct or risk losing bus privileges.

All Bus or School Van drivers deserve the same respect given a Teacher and have the authority to report any incidents en route. If a student is suspended, students are to make arrangements for their own transportation. If and when FH International High School offers a transportation service to its students, all these rules are expected to be followed.


The cancellation of School will be posted on the school website as well as to FH International High School’s social media accounts.

The cancellation of School Bus/Van transportation will be posted on the school Website and social media: www.fhhighschool.ca


All items discovered in classrooms at the end of the school day will be collected and deposited in the school’s Lost and Found box. The Lost and Found box is located at the Front Reception desk.


Lockers are school property and are expected to be kept clean and respectfully used. Students choosing to use a locker understand that these lockers are school property and can be inspected at any time, as per the Code of Conduct. Posting of inappropriate materials on locker doors are not permissible and will be removed. Students are to provide their own locks and remove them at the completion of a semester.


Students will be guided in their education planning through the guidance counsellor and guidance office. Students will have access to university and college calendars, career information, and career planning sessions where students can learn about how to apply to OUAC and other Universities and Colleges. Students may also seek out advice regarding wellness and student concerns. Students will receive support and assistance with the university application process throughout their time at FH, with the goal of admittance into a post-secondary institution. The Guidance Department has the primary role of ensuring student success.


Opportunities for student leadership are offered and students are encouraged to take an active role as leaders in their school. Beginning in the 2018-2019 school year, FH International High School will devise, form, and vote on a Student Council that will collect information and ideas from students, and allow them a coherent voice in FH International High School activities. Support of student goals and student success is a valuable cornerstone of the FH International High School philosophy, and student council members will be encouraged to represent their fellow students in a professional and positive manner.


FH International High School has developed a Code of Conduct, outlined below, that covers all aspects of a student’s time at FH International as well as their behaviour and activities outside of the classroom. All students will conduct themselves in a respectful manner so as to provide a safe, caring and inclusive school atmosphere, both in class and in the building. Self-discipline is promoted through respect of self, staff and fellow students, school property and the property of others and students will take full responsibility for their own actions. For specific examples of areas where the Code of Conduct will be enforced, see the list below:


The Education Act of Ontario has defined bullying as the following:

Bullying in any of its forms will NOT be tolerated. Cyberbullying will not be tolerated. For consequences and penalties for bullying, please see the section about progressive discipline, as well as the “Interventions” section of the FH International High School Attendance Policy.


Progressive discipline will be used to allow for the continuous provision of academic studies and an opportunity for restorative justice. Each individual situation will be reviewed with parent or guardian communication as part of a collaborative process to provide the student support for next steps.

If a student breaches the code of conduct, progressive discipline techniques will be applied. Progressive discipline is a whole-school approach that utilizes a continuum of interventions, supports, and consequences to address inappropriate actions and to promote positive behaviour. There are many unique situations which could land a student in a progressive discipline situation, but each are unique and the merits of the case and any mitigating circumstances must always be considered. If inappropriate actions occur, disciplinary measures will be applied that shift the focus from being solely punitive to being corrective and supportive. A range of interventions, supports, and consequences may be employed to include learning opportunities to reinforce positive behaviour while helping students to make better choices, and examples of situations that could lead to consequences can be found in the student handbook.


FH International High School takes the attendance of its students very seriously.Regular and consistent attendance is important to ensure success. Studies have shown that students who attend class regularly and punctually achieve higher marks. Further, Each Ontario course with a credit value of 1.00 is designed to have 110 hours of in-class instructional time. The Attendance Policy at FH International is designed to provide a policy framework for students, parents/guardians, faculty and staff regarding tracking and reporting of student attendance. For more information, please refer to the FH Policy B1, the FH Attendance Policy, but a few key highlights are noted below:

-Canadian Law requires all children in Canada to attend school until the age of 18, “Learning to 18”. Canadian Law also requires International students to obey Canadian Federal Visa Study Regulations, which include a rule that students must “enroll…and…pursue studies in Canada. Failure to do so could lead to removal from Canada.”

-FH International High School has a series of interventions designed to address and improve student attendance. Any student with issues of attendance will be referred to the administration so an investigation may be conducted, and the results used to tailor specific services to that student which are designed to foster improved attendance at school, and thus a better chance at academic success.


Assessment and Evaluation policies are set by the Ministry of Education. All assessment and evaluation will be adhered to as set out in all Ministry of Education policy documents. Assessment will include for, as and of learning. This will include diagnostic, formative and summative assessments as well as peer and self-assessment.

The Achievement Chart is a standard province-wide guide that will be adhered to at FH International High School. The four categories on the Achievement Chart include: Knowledge and Understanding, Thinking, Communication and Application.


The six learning skills include: Responsibility, Organization, Independent Work, Collaboration, Initiative, and Self-Regulation. These are not included when determining a student's grade, unless cited as specific expectations of the Ontario curriculum. These skills are evaluated separately on the provincial report card using a four point scale:

E - Excellent

G - Good

S- Satisfactory

N - Needs Improvement


Credit integrity is critically important. As such, a credit is granted and recorded for every course in which the student's grade is 50% or higher. The final grade for each course in Grades 9-12 will be determined in the following manner:

70% Term mark

30% Final (Culminating Performance Task and a Final Examination)

Note: Individual subject course outlines will define the course weightings and components of the final 30%. Depending on the grade level and nature of the course, the final 30% may include: an exam worth the full 30%, an exam and a culminating performance task worth 30% OR a culminating performance task worth the full 30%.


Late and missed assignments for evaluation will also be noted on the report card as part of the evaluation of a student’s development of the learning skills and work habits. When appropriate, a student’s tendency to be late in submitting, or to fail to submit, other assignments (including homework) may also be noted on the report card as part of the evaluation of the student’s development of the learning skills and work habits. Emphasis on punctuality is designed to motivate and facilitate completion of work and demonstration of learning. To that end, teachers are expected to establish deadlines for the submission of assignments for evaluation, preferably in collaboration with students. Marks will not be deducted for late submissions, but there may be a date after which submissions will not be accepted, and a mark of zero is the result. Such a date will be clearly communicated to both student(s) and parent(s). Students who know ahead of time that they will miss an assessment of learning are expected to discuss the situation beforehand with the subject teacher and negotiate a mutually satisfactory resolution, which may include additional and/or alternative opportunities to fulfill the requirement. Students who miss an assessment of learning for an unauthorized reason may lose the opportunity to complete the task, and be awarded a mark of zero, as there will be no evidence of their learning.


FH International High School takes academic integrity very seriously. Students’ understanding of expectations in this regard prepares them well for higher learning and life. FH International High School expects students to work diligently and to give an honest effort to all assignments and assessment activities. The definitions below and consequences for cheating are explained carefully to all students by each teacher in every course, and are listed in the student handbook. In the context of assessment of learning, cheating is defined as the deviation from the behavior expected in an assessment of learning situation. Plagiarism is the use or close imitation of the language and thoughts of another without attribution, in order to represent them as one’s own original work (Growing Success 2010, p.151).


Students are responsible for the completion of homework as assigned by the teacher. Students are expected to manage their time effectively, ensure they clearly understand the homework assigned, complete their homework within the allotted time frame, complete their homework to the best of their ability and in an academically honest manner. Homework at FH International will not be given in excess, but will be balanced against the need for improvement of student learning.


For more information on other FH International High School Policies that may not be listed here, please refer to your Student Handbook or contact FH International to get more information on how to enroll your student today!