Hi! I’m Kayla. I am a student at the University of Toronto. Reminiscing about our time here as students of FH international High School, there are so many words that can be used to describe these unforgettable memories. The staff at FH international High School are just like a big family. We don’t have barriers between each other. My personal success advice is to develop a plan. You need to make a plan for your future university choices and the program that you want to study. Because some of the programs require you to be well prepared, even if you are only in high school. Secondly, you need to study hard, then you won’t have regrets in the future.

Hello, I am Lucy, now I am studying in the Rotman Commerce program at the University of Toronto. Like you, I used to be a student of FH; like you, I have also experienced the pressure as a 12th grade student. However, as a student going through that process, I have some words for you: Don’t be afraid! Always believe that as long as you devote enough effort, you will be rewarded. Personally, I feel that I have grown a lot in my high school life from a student who was overwhelmed in the ninth grade to a mature and confident student in the 12th grade. Here, I am willing to share my learning strategies with you: Want to learn more efficiently? Never procrastinate!